Using Lists to Embrace Change

Many small business owners didn’t start their careers as small business owners. And the road each of us took to get here is quite different. But one thing is fairly common – we’re finding ways to earn a living doing work we love. Often that means evolving and growing and changing.

My ‘one word’ for 2019 is EMBRACE. Admittedly, it hasn’t been in my awareness much but two recent events brought it to the forefront. First, a Twitter friend asked if I was succeeding. It gave me pause a moment to pat myself on the back – because I’ve been living it, even if subconsciously. A couple of days later I met with colleagues for some business development advice. Driving home afterward, I realized going through that process is also about embracing.

Oh, do I have lists! Creating them has been about embracing all the pieces of my business. Here are some of the lists that have helped me work through this business development process. You may find this list of lists useful, too.

– the things I do for clients, either ongoing or as projects
– the things I could do for clients (because I have experience or know-how)
– the things I really like doing and want to do more of
– the things at the core of my business – values, mission
– the benefits clients realize from working with me – my value propositions
– the business things that I’m involved with, aside from normal business activities – events, volunteering, mentoring, sponsoring, advocating… even blogging
– possible service offerings and pricing structures to consider
– ideal client attributes
– brainstormed ideas for marketing messages
– all the things I need to update if I pivot my business a little (maintenance!)
– action item lists to move everything along

You might wonder where I’m gathering all this info. That’s an easy answer – as a project board in Trello.

Embracing and letting go are both necessary for change… to make progress. Sort of like loving something and setting it free – without the coming back part.