Email is the Alternate to SEO

What’s a goal of business blogging that will never be a goal of email marketing? Search engine optimization (SEO), of course. For email, it’s all about subject line optimization. (Is SLO a ‘thing’?)

Crafting a compelling email subject line can achieve better and more immediate results than writing a whole blog post that is well optimized for SEO.

After 9 years, over 600 blog posts, and more than two thousand email newsletters, here is what I know to be true: email beats blogging hands down for tangible and measurable results… faster.

Writing for your newsletter means writing for people, which is way more fun than writing for search engines, whether it’s your blog or your whole website. You don’t have to be concerned with tediously repeating keywords and phrases, for one thing.

Sure, your email newsletter may include your blog posts. And it should… because your newsletter will get people reading and clicking through to your website much faster than Google will decide to show your post on page 1 of search results.

Email marketing doesn’t always yield instant results but it’s a shorter term strategy than relying on search engine optimization to attract opportunities from strangers. Now, do you know where you should be putting your precious time, effort and money?