Summer Content Ideas – Loosen Up a Little

If there’s any time of year to get more personal with your content, it’s during the summer. The rules are relaxed and people have more time to read deeper. Here are a few ideas you can try:

  1. Create a roundup of summer reading appropriate for your fans. This could be books or articles you’ve read, or even favourite videos, such as TED Talks.
  2. Create your own summer “want to read” list and share it.
  3. Share your favourite BBQ recipe. (Yes, even if you’re a business consultant.)
  4. Update your business bucket list and share.
  5. Share “what I’m doing”, “where to find me” updates – and why those things are relevant to your readers.
  6. If you’re busy learning over the summer, write a “What I Learned” article.
  7. Compare or contrast one of your favourite summer activities with some aspect of your business. (example)
  8. Experiment with the “Mom test” and share your results.
  9. Start a new business habit and share your progress and learnings.
  10. Research! Use a tool like Answer the Public or Google Trends to hone in on topics you haven’t covered yet. Share your resulting list of topics as a post with a promise to write about these topics in the future.
  11. Have fun with colours. Create a digital mood board of your favourite summer colours along with an interesting theme.
  12. Preview something new that’s starting in the fall with a teaser, such as a new program, product or service offering.
  13. Take on a photo project, such as a 30-day challenge, and blog the experience.
  14. Organize a meet-up with local experts in your industry and then post about it, before, during and after.