I Haven’t Been Walking My Marketing Talk

If you’ve been in a classroom with me or even chatted over coffee, you’ll have heard me say something like, “You just have to start somewhere and then it’ll be easier to keep going and trying new things.” Of course, I’d be talking about some aspect of online marketing – likely newsletters, blogging or social media.

It was a rude awakening to realize I haven’t been doing that myself lately. I’ve gotten into a rut with my own marketing. And that’s sooo not good. Complacency snuck up on me.

When I give advice to others, I have to be an example too, so I’m super conscious of maintaining a somewhat regular blogging schedule and showing up in inboxes and on social media consistently. Occasionally I pat myself on the back for doing a good job.

The problem is, I haven’t changed the platforms I’m using in a long time. Platforms are tools in the marketing world to help us achieve our goals. They can get stale or the tactics for using them can change.

I’m involved with organizing Social Media Day Halifax 2018 and only just realized I’d better learn how to do social media on my phone because I can’t drag my laptop around all day. (At home, I have a huge monitor – what could be better than that for keeping up with, well, everything?)

Not only that, there are LOTS of platforms I had never thought to explore – livestreaming and podcasting, Instagram and chatbots, and…… It’s definitely time to break my routine, like I tell everyone else to do, and