Here’s How Writing Content Turns You Into an Expert

There are many marketing benefits to regular blogging or writing a newsletter. But other – perhaps more important – benefits may not be clear until after you’ve been doing it a while.

Regardless of how much you know, sooner or later you’re going to need to do a little online research.

Does that article you just wrote really include all the important facts or items? Especially for checklist-type articles, you want to make sure to include everything relevant. An item missed from a list of items to take camping in the winter could have dire consequences, not the least of which is your reputation.

Does your article agree or disagree with others’ advice or information? Finding other references that support your message is good – you can grab quotes or link to it. Finding others who disagree is important if there are a lot of them – you may need to justify your message in that context.

Do you know the latest developments in your industry or affecting your target market? Talking about old technology is only one of the many pitfalls of not staying current.

You’ll learn a lot from this type of research:

  • You further develop your own opinions to become a thought leader.
  • You become able to understand and disseminate complex info.
  • And you learn from others’ strategies.

In short, it pays to research, both for the article you’ve just written and all your future ones. Use research to confirm completeness, develop opinions, and stay current.