Your Not-for-Profit Should Mimic this Newsletter Strategy

There are many bad newsletters out there… I’m sure you’ll agree. In particular, many not-for-profit and charitable organizations lack the time and skills to craft exciting newsletter content. Sometimes it’s from lack of strategy – not knowing what they can and want to achieve with a regular newsletter – and how to implement their strategy.

I get a little thrill when I hit SEND on a particularly good newsletter, one that I know will deliver value to its readers. I like being a small part of that success. That’s why I love working with Dartmouth Learning Network on their quarterly newsletter. Executive Director Alison O’Handley knows exactly what she wants to achieve:

Our newsletter helps us to remind our community about the good work we do, and the knowledge and expertise we have to share. It is an extension of our brand and, as such, it is a tool to foster existing and build new relationships.

DLN’s email newsletter is a communications tool, chock full of news, success stories, photos and even updates for funders. If you pay attention to both the individual pieces of content and the overall ‘feel’ of this newsletter, you can’t help but learn how to improve your own organization’s newsletter.

PS: Here’s some great advice about WordPress sites for non-profits from my friend, Alison Knott.