Is Your Information Shareable?

Getting other people to share our information is hard work, whether it is a blog post or a workshop announcement. We can be more successful when someone sends an email to a friend or retweets a message about our next event. Whatever our important information is, getting it out to a broader audience is a key marketing goal.

I share a lot of information relevant to my small business market via several different methods. When I want to share someone’s sale announcement or event details, I’m sometimes frustrated by how hard it is and, unless it’s a friend or client, I’m likely to give up before too long.

Here are three suggestions for making your information (event, sale campaign, product launch, and so on) more easily shared.

  1. Put the information somewhere on a page of its own. Ideally, this would be your website but might also be a blog post, Facebook event, EventBrite listing or any number of other ways to get your information online. A unique URL is the goal, so interested people can be sent directly there.
  2. Write a brief synopsis that others can copy and use to promote your big happening. I suggest 2-4 sentences and roughly 50 words. This will also make it easier for you to promote.
  3. Include sharing links. Wherever you put your information, on that page include links and a call-to-action to share.

You likely don’t even know about all the opportunities for promotion you are missing out on. You’ve worked hard to build a fan base and this is one of the reasons you did so!