Too Much Personal Information?

You know that awkward feeling when someone you don’t know very well blurts out something really personal? Too much information, you think.

Email marketing can be like that, too.

I received this message on Facebook from Earl Smith – TMG The Mortgage Group:

What do you think of personal life content within a professional newsletter? I’ve been told by an enewsletter service provider that it’s a “necessity” They believe that, by having a little bit of personal content in each newsletter, it connects with your clients better. Examples they give are photos of you with your kids briefly describing an activity you did. Photo of your dog playing in the snow with a caption. Describing a trip you recently took. I understand the theory but wanted to get another perspective on this method.

I disagree that it’s a necessity and here’s why.

It all depends on your marketing strategy. Your strategy should reflect your personality but that doesn’t mean it has to be personal stuff. In fact, personal stories may be totally inappropriate – or not – depending on your strategy. There are no rules that suit every situation.

What I know is this: If you aren’t comfortable with your marketing, it won’t work for you.

Your newsletter is about giving value to your readers. Perhaps that can include personal stories and photos but it sure doesn’t have to.

photo by scribblesteve / Flickr

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