3 Wimpy Phrases to Avoid in a Newsletter

These three phrases come up repeatedly in newsletter content – I’ve edited them out many times. I bet you’re familiar with them, too.

“I want to tell you about…”
This is similar to the verbal, “All I’m saying is…” which my husband has adopted lately, or “Here’s the thing…” In an email or newsletter, just go ahead and tell us. If you really want to set the stage for something important, try “I have exciting news…” (But don’t add “… and here it is!”)

“Feel free to contact me…”
Does this mean people aren’t usually free to contact you? It sounds like you’re giving permission. As a call to action, it’s very wimpy. Lacking something more creative, “Please call me to…” will be more effective.

“If you have questions…”
Often used with the line above, this one adds to the wimpy-ness. It’s more effective to assume people will have questions. Try “Call me with your questions.” or “I’m happy to answer your questions.” Or pick a different reason for them to call you.

The short version? Stop beating around the bush. Make your content concise and to the point. These wimpy lines lack confidence!
Thanks to Kate MacLeod and Lily Herman for the inspiration!