Newsletter Ideas for Business Networking Associations

Members of networking groups and their target market (potential members, subscribers) will have something in common, like an industry or sector, and will usually either work in it or serve it as a supplier. This means that anything pertaining to that common topic will be relevant. Relevant is good, but you will also want to be useful and interesting. Here are some content ideas for business networking groups – most are adaptable to other such organizations.

Content for your subscribers (target market):

  • industry specific or community news and upcoming events
  • informational articles, perhaps written by members, but not necessarily
  • useful online resources; book recommendations

Content pertaining to your association:

  • next meeting details and agenda
  • regular meeting schedule; future dates, locations
  • member spotlights and current news
  • past meeting recap
  • action items for members
  • upcoming special events by the association and by its members
  • membership call to action; benefits of membership; membership requirements; testimonials from current/past members
  • photos from past meetings and events
  • appeal to connect on social media accounts