Do you want to be an eMail Marketing Campaign Manager?

Potential clients are sometimes a little uncertain about what we do as campaign managers. Others might not see the immediate value in working with a campaign manager instead of doing it themselves.

Assembling and publishing a polished, error-free newsletter is our most visible contribution. But did you know about these invisible – but critical – contributions campaign managers bring to your marketing effort?
  • Consult with you, making strategic recommendations about content development, timing, layout, list building, promotion, extending your reach through social media, new tools, and other ways to make the most of your newsletter.
  • Manage the schedule and keep you on track with reminders and deadlines.
  • Review your statistics with you periodically to monitor progress.
  • Stay current with changes to the bulk email application software; troubleshoot as necessary.
  • Periodically refresh your design and layout to prevent staleness.
  • Stay current with industry trends.
These contributions to your marketing efforts can make the difference between success and failure. Do you want to be a campaign manager? Or would you rather be an expert at what you do best?

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