4 Tips for Summer Newsletter Success

photo by Linda Daley
It might be tempting to take a vacation from your newsletter over the summer. What excuse are you telling yourself to justify this?

You can take vacation without putting your email marketing on hiatus too. Tweet this
Here are some suggestions:
  1. Prepare in advance and use scheduling functionality. If you’re using a bulk email service provider (ESP), you likely have the ability to schedule your newsletters. That means you have no excuse – you can prepare several issues in advance and stick to your regular schedule. (You might even find that this is better time management!)
  2. Send out a brief issue instead of your usual format. Cut back on the quantity of content, but not the value. Half a newsletter is better than no newsletter.
  3. Solicit guest articles. Ask your clients and colleagues to write articles – or scan their blogs for appropriate content that you can ‘borrow’. Ensure you request permission and give proper credit.
  4. Re-purpose content. Summarize and collate using wrap-up articles. Create ‘Best of…’ or ‘Top 5…’ lists. Curate others’ content.
Wait! Before you take off for the beach, add a link to your newsletter sign-up and archive to your out-of-office email notification. Build your list while you work on your tan.

And just one more thing. Try to have your out-of-office notification turned off at the time your newsletter goes out. If you don’t, your out-of-office notifications will respond to the ones generated by your subscribers who are on vacation – and they’ll respond, and so on. I know this from experience. It’s not pretty.

Now you have no excuse not to keep your newsletter going all summer!