10 Reasons to Love Being a Small Business Owner

photo: Michael Lokner

There’s nothing like a vivid reminder of your past life to cause you to take stock of your current situation and do a little comparison. That happened to me recently after having a catch up phone chat with someone I worked with 15 years ago. Marcia and I were talking about an industry, a work culture, and processes that now seem so foreign to me, yet at one time were so imperative. At that point in my life, I certainly never envisioned the lifestyle I enjoy now.

I absolutely love being a small business owner and working with other similar people.

Here are some of the perks that I especially appreciate about being a small business owner:

  1. Not having to wear pantyhose
  2. My garden is 25 steps from my desk
  3. I can go into the office at midnight if I feel like it
  4. Getting the whole team behind decisions is easy when the team is two!
  5. Team building is easy, too
  6. I can work all day with my cat in my lap
  7. I don’t need a briefcase to take work home
  8. I can wear pajamas to work once in a while
  9. I can choose who I want to work with
  10. I can daydream whenever I want

Take a few minutes now to appreciate the things you love about being a small business owner!