Warm Up those Cold Calls

Many organizations are engaging in email marketing these days – informational newsletters, promotional emails, or both. Some of these organizations have even done a great job of integrating email marketing with their social media efforts as part of a comprehensive online marketing strategy. But few have made the connection between email marketing and sales. This is an opportunity that deserves your attention.

Make the most of your email marketing activities by taking advantage of all the ‘intelligence’ you can gather about your subscribers. Email service providers (ESPs) have functionality that enables you to review your overall statistics (opens, clicks, etc.). They also have the functionality to take your sales prospecting to a whole new level – you can actually see who clicked on what link. Yes, dear public, marketers have been collecting this info for years.

For example, if you offer two product lines, let’s say Brand A and Brand B, and you include links to more information about each of these brands, you will be able to see who clicked on which. You can then contact your customers and/or prospects with more information on a product for which – with a click of their mouse – they’ve already expressed interest.

campaign resultsIf you’re going to make cold calls, wouldn’t it be nice to warm them up a bit with some pre-knowledge before you pick up the phone? When you cold call, start with those who opened and clicked in your newsletter first.