5 Reasons Why EVERY Business Needs a Website

There are many reasons that a business should have a website.  Some businesses will have more reasons than others.  If I was going for quantity, I’m sure I could come up with hundreds of reasons.  But not all of those reasons would apply to every business.  There are some reasons that apply to EVERY business – big or small.

Promote your products/services 24/7/365 worldwide
Showcase your products/services for everyone to see. Explain the benefits. Show comparisons, testimonials, and FAQs. Bonus: your website works for you while you’re busy doing other things.

Promote your business and yourself
People favour organizations and people that they know, like and trust. Your website should convey trust and credibility, making people want to buy from you and support you.

Build your community, reputation, and contacts
A website can be a powerful way to build a following of like-minded people and show off your expertise. It can also be a powerful tool for gathering new contacts and prospects.

Improve brand recognition
Differentiate your product, service or company from your competition and create loyalty. The content, style, and tools, such as newsletters, on your website should make your visitors feel good and build loyalty. Your website must look good in order to get people to look deeper.

The most important reason? (drum roll please)

People expect it
People use the internet to find quick answers to basic questions. What products/services do you offer? What is your phone number or email address? Where are you located? Make sure they find you or they will find someone else. If you cannot be found on the web, your credibility will take a big hit.