Beat the Business Blahs

This is a blah time of year. The lack of sunshine is making me listless. I’m anxious for spring… and my garden. My enthusiasm is waning a bit. Are you feeling it too?

Running a small business is hard. We can’t afford to show it when we feel discouraged. How do we get reenergized and refocused? Here are some things that work for me:

Appreciate what you’ve got.
Do a reality check. Focus on what you appreciate about owning your own business. Maybe it’s having the freedom to work from your home office with a cat on your lap. (His name is Romeo.) Or maybe it’s not working your butt off to satisfy a cranky boss. Whatever your motivation, make a list of those things and pin it up by your desk.

Get moral support.
Whether it’s networking or just having coffee or lunch with other business owners, being around others with a similar mindset is motivating and inspiring. Entrepreneurs are optimistic and action-oriented, so if you’re feeling blah, grab another business owner for a pep talk.

Give moral support.
Of course, it’s equally important to give support as well. Make time for friends and colleagues who ask you for advice or just need an ear. By helping others, you help yourself.

Shake things up.
It’s easy to feel uninspired when you’re in a business rut. Shake things up by learning new skills, pushing your business into a new area, or challenging yourself to try something that scares you. How about public speaking or cold calling? Pick the benefits you want and put some thought into your choices.