How Many Minutes?

Should you take the time to set up a good process?

Whenever you think “If only…” with regard to your work, you have an opportunity. Consider it from an economic perspective:

  1. How many minutes would that “if only” save you each time it occurs?
  2. How many times per month does it occur?
  3. Multiply the answer to #1 by the answer to #2.
  4. Now consider, how much time would be involved in putting the “if only” in place? (in minutes)
  5. Divide the answer to #4 by the answer to #3. The answer is the number of months it would take for the time investment to pay off.

If your answer is 3 or less, you should consider making the change immediately. If the answer is between 3 and 12, it’s a worthwhile investment of your time. If your answer is greater than 12 months, perhaps what you’re doing now isn’t so bad, but there’s still an improvement opportunity.

A good process is a beautiful thing if designed right.

  • It takes the think-work out of more routine tasks.
  • It helps ensure quality.
  • It also makes it far easier to delegate to others.

So, if you could save yourself an extra hour or two each week, what would you do with it?