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Protect your Investment in List Building


Building a contact list is a long slog, which is why most business owners don’t have a good one. And why, when you have a good list, you need to appreciate every single entry in it. One of those contacts will bring your next big … Keep reading…

Why is List Building so Important for Small Businesses?


Your contact list should be the most valuable asset your small business has, like a privately owned gold mine. Once you have added someone to your contact list, you can create more chances to get them as a client or fan, sell them a product … Keep reading…

Uncommon eMail Marketing Advice


When it comes to email marketing, the most important lessons aren’t necessarily common sense. I’ve had a few a-ha moments along the way. If you are struggling to get results from your efforts, perhaps you’ll find the reason and solution here. #1. While you might … Keep reading…

eMail Marketing – Back to Basics


There are so many things to consider and details to look after when it comes to email marketing that the big picture can easily be lost. Here is what small business owners like us always need to keep in mind: You want your subscribers to … Keep reading…


What do iWatches and Zombies have to do with eMail Marketing?


Perhaps nothing. Using a news story or pop culture as a hook can create interest that attracts readers. Keep your subject line (or headline) relevant and appropriate, though, or you’ll forsake credibility. “What will Happen to eMail Marketing on the iWatch?” is a good example, … Keep reading…

How to Write the Introduction to Your First Newsletter


(updated Oct-21) You want to start strong and the way to do that is to make a personal connection with your new readers. While there are many ways to make that connection in each newsletter issue, your first issue is where you set up expectations … Keep reading…

Call to Action: Why Would I Subscribe?


Aside from having a catchy subscription process on your website, you can use calls to action on your social media platforms to attract new readers. While doing a little research recently on Twitter, here are some examples I found – bad examples first. I have … Keep reading…

Tweet to Promote your Newsletter and Blog


Sure you’re doing lots of writing but is anyone reading it? Social media is a great way to promote your newsletter and blog to get more reading and more subscriptions. Particularly on Twitter, you could post a different call-to-action as often as daily. Here are … Keep reading…

A Great Newsletter is like a Gift


It’s opened with anticipation. It’s personal and speaks to your recipient. It’s about your recipient’s wants and needs, not yours. It’s appreciated because it brings something of value. It’s attractively packaged. It’s delivered directly to your recipient.

2 Reasons to Share your Newsletter Archive


Phew, your newsletter is done and sent. But that shouldn’t be the last anyone sees of it. With the online version of your newsletter you can have readers anytime – not just when it gets published and not just those it gets emailed to. #1. … Keep reading…

How a Newsletter can make You a Trusted Resource


Curate to Become a Trusted Resource


Whatever your specific goals are, your content needs to get read to have any impact and be valuable. It must be useful and interesting to get read. It must get read many times (consistency) to be trusted. You want to be that trusted resource. I … Keep reading…

3 Wimpy Phrases to Avoid in a Newsletter


These three phrases come up repeatedly in newsletter content – I’ve edited them out many times. I bet you’re familiar with them, too. “I want to tell you about…” This is similar to the verbal, “All I’m saying is…” which my husband has adopted lately, … Keep reading…

Why a lot of eMail Marketing Advice is Wrong


You might be thinking I’m off my rocker using that subject line since I regularly dish out email marketing advice. The thing to remember is that almost all the advice you’ll read is situational. One expert will say that subject lines like “Wow” or “Hey” … Keep reading…

Crafting a Title to Get Read


Whether it’s an article title, a blog post title, a subject line or a call to action, there is no doubt that crafting a good one takes a little art and a little science. “The job of the headline is to get the first line … Keep reading…

People DO Sign Up for Newsletters


“Nobody signs up for newsletters any more.” I heard as I sat in the audience during an Infusionsoft presentation. I gritted my teeth. The presenter went on to say that newsletters are all about what’s happening with the company and have no value. A filling … Keep reading…

Let them Unsubscribe if they don’t want your Stuff


Recently the first fine was handed down from the CRTC for violations of the new Canadian Anti Spam Legislation (CASL). The abuse had two parts: having no unsubscribe function content not relevant to those receiving it Those two parts go hand-in-hand. If you have an … Keep reading…

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When are you Reading This?


One question I get asked a lot is, “When is the best time to send my newsletter?” If the person asking has an hour or so, we might chat about how it can depend on a lot of things about their business, strategy and target … Keep reading…

Designed for Success – Client Success Story


The thought of designing a newsletter for a designer was a little daunting, but I jumped at the opportunity when Melanie Orr of Interiors by Melanie first approached me. I recently asked her to tell me how it’s helping her small business and this is … Keep reading…

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The Scoop on Open and Click Rates


Your open rate is an indication of brand recognition. Your click rate is one indication of whether your newsletter actually gets read. (How many newsletters do you open without reading?) Getting read is what raises your reputation and prompts interaction. I dislike generalizing about the … Keep reading…

Free is Free for a Reason


At a recent workshop, I was asked about free email marketing applications. My answer provoked a lively discussion and not everyone agreed with my position. You have many choices of bulk email service providers and each has good points and bad points. Turning out a … Keep reading…

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7 Tips for Communicating Details by eMail

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Email is an ideal way to communicate details, such as meeting minutes, action lists, project updates, instructions, reference data, decisions, event info, checklists and much more. Sending previously prepared information is a snap – just attach, or copy and paste. When I started specializing in … Keep reading…

7 Reasons you need a Content Strategy


Wondering why you might need a content strategy? To stay current, sharp, and develop opinions To build your reputation by demonstrating your expertise To inform about your products and services To get found when people are looking for the services and products you provide To … Keep reading…

How to Spoil the Spammers


You’re receiving emails that you consider to be spam and it’s frustrating. As small business owners, we’re prone to getting on mailing lists. Consider that spam is in the eye of the beholder: what is spam to one person, is not to someone else. In … Keep reading…