Can’t Write? Try Research

I’ve heard a lot of small business owners say they can’t publish a blog or newsletter because they can’t write. I think you don’t know till you try, but let’s say that’s a valid reason. There are still ways to create content on a regular basis without writing articles. One of those is researching and compiling information that’s valuable to your target market.

Valuable compilations need not be lengthy or onerous to assemble. BUT they should be two things: interesting and useful. Plus funny – funny is good but humour in email can be tricky. Use it with care. These compilations can be factual, but don’t need to be. Instead, they can represent your opinion.

Here are some examples, in this case for a target market of small business owners in Nova Scotia. You can use these ideas as a jumping-off point for creating your own lists of valuable content for your target market.

  • Top 10 Coffee Shops for Business Meetings in Halifax
  • 15 Most Useful Apps for Small Business Owners
  • Networking Groups in Halifax
  • Upcoming Small Business Events
  • 5 Best Blogs for Small Business
  • 10 Facebook Pages to Like for Business Tips
  • Follow these 12 Local Tweeters for Community Info
  • 8 Options for Ordering Business Cards
  • Best Places to Hold a Workshop in Halifax
  • How to Advertise at the Airport
  • Where to get Funding for Professional Development
  • 10 Best Marketing Books
  • New Housing/Commercial Developments in the Halifax Area
  • 3 Best Places to Buy a Domain Name
  • A Complete List of Conference Centres in Nova Scotia

A successful newsletter doesn’t necessarily require writing articles. A different approach might be just what your target market wants.

photo by therealrealjd / Flickr
originally published Work Better, Not Harder February 19, 2015