List Size Matters

While enjoying coffee with a client last week, we talked about the challenges of selling training programs strictly by email advertising. Doing some quick mental math, we figured we’d need a list of 100,000 minimum to have any small chance of success.
Building a large list is no easy task and to do it fast would require buying or renting email lists, or scraping email addresses off the web. I’m not very comfortable with either of these list building tactics, however, “quantity” email marketing is extremely successful for a lot of organizations. Take note: big list campaigns require a big budget – not just at the start, but continuously.
On the other hand, you can accomplish a lot with a small list – quality instead of quantity. A different strategy, this is all about information (or content) marketing – giving something of value to your target market. It requires having a good reputation to be successful AND it also helps build your reputation. If you own the type of business where having a good reputation is a success factor, informational marketing is just right for you.

Don’t dream of having a big mailing list – that’s a lot of money and work. Dream about what you can do with the list you have! (Tweet this)