5 Ways to Polish your Online Presence

polish your online presence

When people meet your brand online, they are judging you. We all do it and, based on those judgments, we make assumptions about:

  • what it’s like to work with you
  • the quality of your products and services
  • your prices
  • your commitment, integrity and trustworthiness
  • if you care about your online reputation

Below are 5 ways to make sure your online presence is polished so people will make the right judgments and assumptions about you and your brand.

#1. Monitor
Conduct quarterly audits on your website and social profiles. This means reading all the text, clicking all the links, and making corrections and improvements. This is a great task to outsource to a virtual assistant because an impartial eye will see things you won’t.

#2. Be found
Make sure you can be found where people expect to find you. Often it’s easier to find someone on LinkedIn than to find their website. There are a multitude of social media sites where having a profile makes sense even if you aren’t especially active there. Ensure that all of those profiles include a prominent link to your website. Don’t forget Google Maps.

#3. Walk the talk
If you are a design firm of any kind, make sure your website design is top notch. If you’re a social media specialist, your own profiles better be complete and an example to others. If what you do is cutting edge, your website better be newer than 2011. Your online presence should set expectations that support your business claims.

#4. Social proof
Nothing demonstrates your expertise like public testimonials and success stories. Encourage your fans to provide accolades online. Collect and display examples of what success looks like.

#5. Give value without expectation of ROI
Delight the people who find you online by making sure they discover some real value. What that value looks like will be different for every business. It’s up to you to know what that is for your target market.

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