The Right Conditions for Success

You don’t leave on a road trip in the middle of a snow storm. And you don’t go on vacation to the Caribbean in August. You wait for the right conditions. In fact, you don’t really wait for the right conditions, you plan around them.

It’s easy to forget this in our excitement to launch new business initiatives.

One day I spent a couple of hours on the phone coaching someone about newsletters, including how important the timing is. I was still working late that night when I received her first newsletter at 1am. (1am is not a good time to send a newsletter – unless your subscribers are on the other side of the world.)

Set yourself up for success.

If you’ve spent a lot of time, effort and money working on a project, make sure you also place the same importance on the details of your launch. Plan to take advantage of the best conditions: timing, availability of resources and people, weather, geography, etc.

“Haste makes waste.” Someone I worked with used to say this and it has stuck with me. It’s one thing to do the work well. It’s another to put it out there under the best conditions for success.

photo by Royal_Rivers/Flickr

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2 thoughts on “The Right Conditions for Success”

  1. The ideal would be to have your newsletter show up in someone's inbox when they are actively using their email. This avoids your message being lost among other emails in a busy queue. Thanks for commenting, Natasha.

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