25 eNewsletter No-No’s

No matter who’s reading it or the nature of the subject matter, these are things about your newsletter that you just shouldn’t muck up:

  1. Sending it as a file attachment.
  2. Sending it out in the middle of the night.
  3. Using a sneaky or misleading subject line.
  4. Pleading for anything – in the subject line or the body.
  5. No value within – neither interesting nor useful.
  6. Using plagiarized content.
  7. Using ‘canned’ content.
  8. Using copyrighted images without permission.
  9. Poor formatting.
  10. Spelling mistakes and other typos.
  11. Misleading links that don’t go to where the text leads the reader to believe they are going.
  12. Links to automatic downloads without identifying them as such.
  13. Links that are broken or take forever to load.
  14. Pictures that don’t load or take forever to load.
  15. Including tacky clipart or poor-quality images.
  16. Including over-used common free images.
  17. No unsubscribe link.
  18. No subscribe link.
  19. Missing contact info.
  20. Not mobile-friendly.
  21. Not including some call to action.
  22. Leaving out links to your social media accounts – missing an opportunity to grow your following.
  23. Leaving out social sharing buttons – readers won’t share unless you make it easy.
  24. Not tracking your open, click and bounce rates.
  25. Start, stop, start, stop – an inconsistent newsletter makes you look inconsistent.

photo by Jamwhy