Your Brand is more than Your Logo

I’m a visual person yet I find it hard to describe our own branding concisely: lots of white space, clean, bright spots of colour, fun but professional.

If you came to me and said that, how would I design a newsletter (or website or blog) for you?
Being able to describe your visual branding is important when you’re working with professionals such as designers and other consultants. How can they help you best if they don’t ‘get’ your brand?
How do you describe your own visual branding? Write it out right now and be concise. Use lots of descriptive words – make up words if you have to. Can you get what’s in your head onto paper?
Looking at examples is very helpful. Look at others’ websites and newsletters. Identify what you like and don’t like and put it into words on paper. Do you like curves or straight lines? Bold or subtle? Professional or whimsical? White space or lots of colour? Simple or busy? Keep going… don’t stop here.
It’s not easy to do but it’s important. If you can’t communicate your brand, how can others understand it and help to promote it?
I see a lot of websites and newsletters where it’s obvious that the brand was made to fit the design, rather than vice versa. Others can tell when your logo is simply dropped in.

photo by derekGavey / Flickr