Customer Service in a Box

photo by Gertrud K.

You know when you land on a website and, before you’ve had a chance to take a breath, a box pops up over the top of the text you were just reading? “Can I help you?”

How does that make you feel? Startled? Annoyed? A little creeped out?
I’m a fan of pop-up boxes, but only when I’m the one that can push the button to make them pop up. I’ve used them lots to solve all kinds of online problems fast.
When they pop up unexpectedly, it makes me feel like someone’s been watching me. And it’s always too soon… before I’ve even formed my first question.
Recently I was searching for a list cleaning application and didn’t have time for a long learning curve. After trying a couple of other sites, I went to ListWiseHQ. I was impressed to find all my options and the applicable prices laid out clearly on the home page. I was thinking, “This might be the one.” Then Gladys popped up.
Gladys was in one of those pop-up boxes. Not in front of what I was reading but down in the corner. She was friendly, quickly answered a couple of questions, and confirmed some details. I told her I was impressed.

That’s when she suggested I ask her supervisor to buy her a chocolate fish. Now of course that intrigued me enough that I emailed and told him.
Away I go, sign up and run my first list. Then I had another question and Gladys helped me again. A few minutes later the phone rang and it was Gladys checking in with me… on a Sunday afternoon, no less.
While this customer service experience had the potential to be a bit intrusive, it wasn’t at all. It was, in fact, just the right blend of friendliness and helpfulness and professionalism. I was up and running fast. Kudos to ListWiseHQ for excelling in a potentially off-putting situation.

I never did find out why Gladys wanted a chocolate fish but I sure hope it was yummy.