Content Creation (Wrap-up #2)

Keeping your readers engaged requires content that is interesting and useful… and fresh. This article is a follow up to our previous Content Creation (Wrap-up), capturing our newer articles about content creation from June 2012 to May 2013. If you’re stuck for content, you’ve found the right post to give you inspiration and ideas. You’ll also find some thought provoking strategies to consider.

Keeping to a consistent content creation routine has big benefits. Just because you can’t think of something great to write about when facing a deadline, doesn’t mean you can’t Plan to Give Your Best next time.

Introducing Your Very First Issue can be a little stressful. Here are some things you might want to include, as well as some examples to get you started.

Take some time to search for images that are not overused on the internet. This article provides links to a few Graphic Solutions to help get you started.

Finding an idea that inspires you can sometimes be the hardest part of getting started when sitting down to write. Scott Stratten provided some Awesome Inspiration! for this article.

Here are 9 Ways to Personalize Your Newsletter that will help you express your unique personality and make personal connections with your readers.

Advice delivered as a ‘fable’ appeals to both our emotions and our intellect. The Moral of the Story should be a lesson your readers can relate to.

One of our clients is achieving Amazing Statistics by incorporating Pinterest into their content strategy. Might it work for you too?

The Outrageously Simple Formula for eNewsletter Success is GOALS + VALUE = SUCCESS. Whatever your GOALS are, you won’t reach them if you don’t seriously consider the other side of the equation: giving VALUE to your subscribers.

If you have two distinct target markets, you need to find content that will appeal to both. Don’t Dilute Your Message. Your newsletter needs to WOW your readers and it will not do that if your message and style are watered down.

This is worth getting excited about – the best kind of content possible. That’s because Content That Saves Time also helps you meet so many other goals.

Don’t be frivolous or silly. And Please, No Cute Animal Pictures.

If Building your Reputation is one of your goals for your newsletter (blog, social media), here are some suggestions for content that will achieve that.

Content Strategies: Curating vs. Creating explains the differences between these two strategies and suggests that a combination will likely suit your needs.

Your newsletter has to be both useful and interesting to be successful. If one of your goals is to be seen as an expert, consider that Creating Content that is Useful can have a big impact.

photo by BrianPirie/Flickr