Your Business Personality

I discovered that my business has a personality! It had never occurred to me to think about my business this way until I attended a presentation by Frances Leary recently.

As an exercise, Frances had us describe our businesses with characteristics like describing a person. I came up with newsletter expert, problem solver, and trusted advisor to describe Daley Progress.

Why does my business need a personality? Because that will help me build my brand.

It’ll be like a measurement tool to help me decide what to post (or not post) on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, among many other things.

I thought this was great because it gave me another way of looking at my business, another perspective. Sometimes we can get so hung up on details and action items that the big picture eludes us. My business personality will guide me in making the right choices about my brand, both online and off.

Take a few minutes and jot down the personal characteristics of your business. I’d love to hear what you come up with.

photo by _Davo_ / Flickr