REAL Twitter Users Don’t Schedule Tweets

PHOOEY on that, I say! I’m tired of hearing that to use Twitter ‘properly’ you have to be there to have conversations. Apparently some people have no problem being there 16 hours a day. Those are the Twitter divas… the ones who look down their noses at the rest of us who can only spare a half hour a day from our busy schedules to have these deep conversations. They’re also the people who have found a way to make money by being on Twitter. Or they’re unemployed and have nothing better to do with their time? Anyone with a REAL job surely can’t spare all that time.

These Twitter divas assume that the rest of us are there for the same reasons they are. And if we’re not, maybe we’re supposed to be somewhere else?

See, not everyone I want to connect with is on Twitter during that specific half hour I can spend there every day. Even if I spend 2 half hours, I’m still not going to reach very many people. Let’s get real. How many people can you have deep conversations with in a half hour a day anyway?

Frankly, I’d be out of business if I spend too much time on Twitter. So, to reach people who aren’t there exactly when I am, I schedule tweets. And I check in and respond and I do make connections. And I’ve recently gotten a client as a result of my presence on Twitter.

So I say phooey on doing Twitter the ‘right’ way. Do it the way that works for you and brings you success.


2 thoughts on “REAL Twitter Users Don’t Schedule Tweets”

  1. AMEN to that! PROPER use of scheduling makes you a better Tweeter, I think…certainly more effective. But the key word here is PROPER…and SCHEDULING with common sense. Not AUTOMATION. As long as you're going in and having real time conversations, too, it can work…does work…at least for me.

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