Building your Reputation

You don’t build a reputation by churning out facts or putting on a suit. A reputation is built through walking the talk.

The way to gain a good reputation is to endeavor to be what you desire to appear.
– Socrates

If building your reputation is one of your goals for your newsletter (blog, social media), here are some suggestions for content that will achieve that.

Share success stories
Use narratives, graphics, photos, videos. Give your readers a taste of what success feels like. Create showcases and galleries. Summarize case studies and research. Tell about lessons learned.

Solve problems
Apply your skill and experience to help people solve real problems. Give time-saving tips. Create how-to instructions and checklists. Answer questions.

Give insight into your area of expertise
Stay current with trends, news, and innovations. Curate and summarize information appropriately for your readers. Share your opinions. Get interviewed and republish the resulting articles.

Know the right people
Interview well-known experts or celebrities. Solicit articles for your newsletter. Get those experts to publish your work in their newsletters. Share insider information.

Encourage others to endorse you publicly
Request testimonials and also gather those spontaneous ones from social media and email exchanges. Show them off in your newsletter, as well as on your website.

A positive reputation is one of our most valuable business assets. Invest time to cultivate yours.