Content That Saves Time

This is worth getting excited about – the best kind of content possible. That’s because content that saves you time also helps you meet so many other goals.

How can taking the time to create content actually save you time? Well, you create content out of all the communication you do on a regular basis. You know, like when you write an email to explain something to a new client that you’ve already explained dozens of times in the past to previous clients. Your message becomes routine, maybe even boring, for you and your client.

So why not prepare a succinct, compelling version of it to share with new clients? And, if it’s useful to your clients, I bet it’s useful to others. So turn it into a blog post. Add it to your website FAQs or resource page. Share it on social media. Put it in your newsletter.

Not only does this kind of content save you time with your processes, it also provides great content that elevates you as an expert and builds your reputation. Your clients will think you’re super efficient (because, of course, you are) and you’ll have content to repurpose in a variety of ways (also efficient).

Here are some other examples of content that saves time. Sit down and create an awesome version of:

  • Your email signature: Include your phone number and links to your website, blog, social media accounts, and newsletter issue/sign-up.
  • Examples of your work: Use photos, screen shots, galleries, links, PDF files, document libraries – whatever works best for your business.
  • Your testimonials: Make asking for testimonials part of your invoicing process. Collect them all in one place, like on a web page, where they’re easily accessible when needed for specific purposes.
  • Worksheets and action lists: Use these for gathering client information, formalizing processes, and as resources that can be used over and over again.
You’ll find that investing time in these activities will save you time and earn you a whole raft of other benefits.

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