How I Emptied My Inbox!

This is what an empty inbox looks like! It’s the first time I’ve seen mine like this in at least a couple of years, maybe longer. It looks kind of strange, doesn’t it? Even a little hard to get used to. What a boost of self-gratification I got from accomplishing this (been patting myself on the back ever since). So much so that I’m now determined and motivated to keep it this way.

Does this mean that I have nothing to do? That all my action items are completed? Not by a long shot – but now they’re not staring me in the face all the time distracting me.

My inbox will no longer be used as an ineffective to-do list.

Now I realize this is a bit of psychological manipulation – it’s all about my state of mind. But I’ve learned that my state of mind is about the most important consideration to accomplishing anything.

What brought about this most awesome accomplishment? A handy little online app called FollowUpThen. It is by far the most useful app I’ve found in a while. It’s easy to get, easy to learn, and easy to use. It’ll take you about one minute to be using it. Now when I open an email, I have only 4 self-imposed choices:
  1. read and delete
  2. read and file
  3. do the task and/or respond right away
  4. send to Follow Up Then for a future date/time

I’m also using it for simple reminders and there are many other ways to use it. It was the easiest, fastest purchase I’ve ever made online. They understand SIMPLE.

There’s a free version but the paid version has features you’ll want – and it’s only $5 a month. And you can get a $5 discount on FollowUpThen by using this link:

2 thoughts on “How I Emptied My Inbox!”

  1. Linda, this is pretty cool however I am afraid to try it….people may think I have nothing to do lol's. Cheers, Cathy

  2. Hey Cath, so when I was in my late twenties and notoriously organized, a co-worker suggested I shouldn't keep my desk so tidy because people will think I'm not busy. All about perception! I've decided that my state of mind is way more important to getting things done than what other people think.

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