You Reap What You Sow

My garden was on the Gardens Galore tour in support of the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation of Canada last weekend, so I have been spending a lot of time getting it ready for company. It was all very exciting and, while preparing, I decided my garden is a lot like my business. How did I come to that conclusion? Here’s a bit of fun…

Planning and Design: This is all about figuring out what I want my garden to look like in the end and then figuring out what I need to do to get there. It means pulling out a pencil and paper, roughing out ideas, and firming them up.

Tools and Supplies: Pruners, shovels and rakes: investing in good tools makes a difference. Twist ties, stakes and mulch: there are some supplies I always need to have handy to keep my momentum going.

Landscaping (the Hard Work): I need energy and perseverance (and my husband) to move all the rocks, dig all the holes, and plant all the plants. Some of the work is tedious and some of it is fun – but it all needs to get done in order to make progress.

Maintenance: Adding compost here, watering there – it’s all-important if not exactly exciting. But if I don’t do it, plants (like plans) can die.

Weeding: I try to deal with the small icky things before they become big ugly things that are hard to get rid of.

Learning: This plant thrives better in shade and that one likes acidic soil. It’s all about learning from mistakes, finding great solutions, and becoming more in tune with what works and what doesn’t.

Experimenting: Here’s where the real fun starts. All that learning made me confident and curious – I want to stretch the boundaries. I try new plants that are a challenge to grow. I redesign half the garden. I trade and share with other gardeners. I become expert.

And the biggest similarity? Ultimately, in my garden and my business, I reap only what I sow.