Company News is No News

“Sign up for our newsletter to keep up to date with us.”
“Sign up to get company news and other info.”
Does that make you want to invite yet another email into your inbox? I think not.
what NOT to do

I did a search on Twitter for #enewsletter. One thing stood out: companies luring people to sign up with the promise of company news. Now, there aren’t many instances where I’d be interested in hearing about new employees and new client projects and new branch offices. Here are those instances: you are my friend, you are my client, or you are my supplier. And if you are any of those, it won’t be long before I’m telling you what you’re doing wrong.

If I don’t know you, your company news won’t interest me or anyone else who doesn’t know you. You need to lure me with something useful or interesting first. (And it seems especially lame when those posts are lined up all in a row in Hootsuite.)

I’m not saying not to include some company news in your newsletter. I’m saying keep it brief and remember that only a segment of your readers will be interested. Leave it out of your call to action – on Twitter and on your website.

PS: Your website’s About page is a great place for your company news. You can link to that in your newsletter for those who want to know.