Up the Value of Your Redirect Pages

Many of the people connecting with you online are arriving at one of your redirect pages at some point. A redirect page is the ‘thank you for signing up’ page you send them to when they sign up for your newsletter, or the event registration page you send them to when they sign up for your events.

Often, these pages contain minimal, basic information. A thank you message in the case of the newsletter or confirmation of event details (location, time, date, etc) in the case of event registration. But why stop there?

For one moment, you have managed to connect with that person. You have them on your website and they have already let you know they are interested in what you are doing by signing up for your newsletter or registering for your event.

Why not think about what value you can offer them while they are there? How can you expand on that connection?

With both your target market and your marketing strategy in mind, take a fresh look at your redirect pages and consider adding links to:

  • your newsletter archive
  • your blog or a short blog roll list
  • your social media accounts
  • upcoming events or a short event list
  • other resources you have online

Think about why they arrived at your redirect page and what other resources they may be interested in based on that.

Be careful you don’t overwhelm them and lose your message in the volume. What is the most important message you want to communicate to them at this time? Focus on that.