Check Up on Your eMail Marketing

As a follow up to my last article about managing what you measure, here is something else you should pay attention to: Do you know what your email marketing campaign is doing for you?

That will lead you to answer the question: Should you be doing more or less of it?

In this graph you can see how the activity on my website increased as the direct result of two emails sent. If you look at the front and back ends of the graph (before and after), you can see that there was a really significant impact. This is a quick measure that tells me my email marketing is very effective.

How effective is your email marketing? I want to point out here that the impact of email marketing will vary greatly by industry, whether B2B or B2C, scheduling and frequency, value of content, the format and delivery mode, the size of your contact list and segmentation, your relationship with your subscribers, and other less predictable things.

So now you are able to make a strategic decision:

  • Do you increase the amount of email marketing you are doing? – if the impact of your current marketing is significant
  • Do you maintain current levels?
  • Do you work to improve your impact by concentrating some of the influencers listed above? – if the impact of your current campaign is not significant
  • Do you lessen your time and money investment in email marketing? – if the impact of your current campaign is not significant

I’d love to hear about what you learn when you look at your website statistics.