Content that Builds Trust

Different types of marketing content will achieve different things. You can educate and inform, build trust, establish your expertise, expand your community, and generate sales.

Building trust is one strategy that is appropriate for just about any type of organization or independent professional. It can be used in your newsletter and also extends to your website, blog and social media. This type of content is used to bridge the gap between awareness and trust.

Here are some types of content that specifically work to build trust:

  • How-to content – specific advice, tips and processes
  • Articles written by you – displaying your knowledge of the subject
  • Articles published by others that specifically mention you or your organization
  • Reviews – customer reviews on sites such as Yelp and Google Places
  • Testimonials – endorsements from happy customers

An added bonus is that these types of content often support your SEO efforts. Being brief and to the point also builds trust so I’ll stop here.