How to Avoid Iffy Language in Your Marketing Calls-to-action

If your ideal client has finally found you - your website, your blog, your social profiles - you want to be strong and confident with your calls-to-action. 

I've written before about 'just' and 'feel free' and other wishy-washy language. It doesn't serve you well. 

Here's a short checklist you can use to evaluate your CTAs before publishing: 

  • Be specific. 
  • Assume you have what they want. 
  • Make it easy for them to get it. 
  • Appeal to emotions. 
  • Talk about results first. 
  • Make it about the reader's wants and needs, not yours. 

Whether it's an email to a colleague, a newsletter, a blog post, a landing page, or a social media post, these best practices all apply. If you've been struggling to write effective CTAs, run a trial with this checklist and see what happens. 

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