Being Seen = Being Remembered

Isn't it amazing that it's now so easy to keep in touch with people we met years ago? Social media has allowed me to reconnect with old friends and work colleagues from long before social media existed. (Yes, I'm that old.) It has also allowed me to stay connected with people I've met along my small business journey.

Many people have come and gone but I remember the ones I'm connected with because I "see" them sometimes on Facebook or Twitter or LinkedIn. But I don't see them all and I don't see all their posts. My life gets in the way and sometimes days or even weeks may go by with me paying little attention to social media. I bet this happens to you too.

Then there are the people I remember well, those who come to mind when I stumble upon an opportunity that might suit them. Those people are actively staying in touch with me in a way I can't ignore - by email. And I open my emailbox every single day... many times.

There is huge value in having your name (or your business name) show up in people's inboxes regularly - the more often the better. Even if your emails aren't opened, you've been noticed. And, unless the contact unsubscribes, you'll continue to be noticed... and remembered.

Of course, you want people to read your messages but, even if they aren't, you're getting name recognition.

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