7 Out Of 12 Small Business Bloggers Agree On This

When I teach marketing courses, the group eventually tires of seeing this list come up on the screen in every class:
  1. Build relationships, community
  2. Grow your reputation, sphere of influence
  3. Be seen as an expert
  4. Share valuable info, products, services
  5. Increase your social media following
  6. Give value to your customers, prospects and colleagues on a regular basis
  7. Get found - SEO
The items on this list are key reasons for publishing a blog or newsletter. Yes, of course, the ultimate goal is sometimes - but not always - an increase in sales.

The problem is, you (and me) can't meet all the goals on that list at the same time. We'd become unfocused and demotivated. So I 'force' these small business folk to pick only two goals to focus on.

Last week I noted the two goals each person called out as we went around the room. I added my own two goals, as well, to round the group off at a dozen. Seven of us chose #2 - growing our reputation - as one of our two goals. And everyone had #1, #2 and/or #3 in their selection.

My two goals for blogging and creating other marketing content are #2 and #3. How about you? Share your two goals in the comments and I'll keep tallying them up.

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  1. I'm with you! If I have to pick two ... and it isn't easy ... I would choose 2 and 3.

    1. Thanks MJ... of course we have similar goals ;)

  2. Hi Linda.... # 6 and 1 stand out as priorities for me, but a strong online position has it's foundation in SEO, hands down. Good article.

  3. Hey Linda, it’s definitely #2 & #3 for me, being a new independent business owner!

    1. I'm starting to feel like we're clones... something else in common ;)


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