This is Why People Who Subscribe Don't Get Your Stuff

You work hard to attract new subscribers who find value in what you're offering. Someone makes a decision to sign up to your mailing list expecting to receive that great value and... they don't hear a thing from you. I'm not talking about businesses who have sign up forms yet never send a thing - that's a different blog post (and hopefully that's not you).

Delivering your precious content to your fans has always been a challenge - what with spam filters, corporate gateways, and then trying to stand out in the inbox. What you may not have realized is that Google has become society's censor, whether you use it yourself or not.

Google decides what gmail users see in their inbox, and what gets (sometimes arbitrarily) moved to the promotions folder - out of sight, out of mind. Even if you want to receive newsletters from your clients, or get this week's sales at the mall, Google may decide you don't.

This is interfering with:
  • satisfying your subscribers
  • whether your marketing efforts are time/cost effective
  • how you manage your email and your efficiency doing it
Seth Godin brought this subject glaringly to my attention last week in his article Please don't kill the blogs - an open note to Google. He ended with, "My readers want to get the stuff they asked to get. You probably do too." I encourage you to read the article.

This is not just a marketing concern; it affects everyone. Go, Seth!

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    1. And thanks to Seth for starting to raise red flags about this :)


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