July 2, 2017

Ready-made Social Media Images Coming Soon

You know how you can sometimes be a sucker for striking photos, bold fonts and maybe even cute kitties on your social media feeds? You aren't the only one!

Having a visual presence is an important part of your small business marketing. Not only that but it also needs to stand out from everyone else who's trying to stand out from everyone else.

The thing is, not every small business owner has the skill to create their own graphics. Many have no desire to learn, and rightfully so. Yet the once-and-done nature of social media graphics makes it prohibitive to hire a designer.

Knowing this, we've embarked on a new adventure launching early August 2017. It's a subscription service for busy small business owners to easily get themed bundles of engaging social media graphics. Easily add your logo and website to increase your brand awareness on social media with fresh content that looks like it was custom-made for you.

Want to win a year's worth of ready-made social media graphics? Click here to enter.

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