November 8, 2016

Why is List Building so Important for Small Businesses?

Your contact list should be the most valuable asset your small business has, like a privately owned gold mine.

Once you have added someone to your contact list, you can create more chances to get them as a client or fan, sell them a product or service, and get a referral or testimonial. The possibilities open up.

How many times have you stifled a good idea because you didn't have an interested audience waiting to hear from you?

photo by Merlijn Hoek / Flickr

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  1. Agree 100%. People always find a reason to put this off but can make the difference between a job (self employment) and a business...

    1. It's never too soon to start assembling a mailing list. Thanks for commenting, Lino.

  2. Like with anything you do to market your business online, it’s always important to understand the pros and cons before getting started.