If Efficiency is Your Goal, You'll Want These Tools

“You’re assuming efficiency is my goal,” my good friend replied one day when I suggested a better way (to me) of doing something. Oddly, I might be inclined to say that about some parts of my own work (just not whatever it was we were discussing at the time).

This is not a story about the dangers of assuming (although that could be another article). This time I want to dish out some advice about how to be more efficient (since Danielle doesn’t want to hear it).

I’ve written before about my essential small business tools (Part 1 and Part 2) but these ones below are especially important to my productivity.

FreshBooks (aff)
Immediately upon implementing FreshBooks, I saw an improvement in outstanding accounts receivable. Reminders are automated and I rarely have to follow up with anyone myself. No more wondering, "Did I already remind that client?"

I've been using graphics applications for over 20 years - for fun and work. Nothing beats Canva's 'magic resize' option for creating multiple sizes of the same design in just seconds.

FollowUpThen (aff)
'Out of sight, out of mind' has sometimes been a problem for me. Now it's a really good thing (for my mental health) because this application lets you forward or send messages to your future self.

This application can save you a whole bunch of time when it comes to content promotion. Preload social media messages, attach images, give it a schedule, and it'll do the rest. Don't forget about it, though. Keep adding new messages and filtering out the stale ones.

I pay for each of these applications and the cost is definitely worth it for the efficiency I gain. Pick one and give it a try.

photo by timsackton / Flickr

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originally published in Work Better, Not Harder October 18, 2016


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