An Email Marketing Happy Dance!

iContact has NEW stats! We think it is the most awesome new feature ever!! Drum roll... now, you can see how your audience is opening your email messages! How great is this?

The new statistic will tell you what percentage of your audience opened your message on a computer, tablet or smartphone. Gone are the days of guessing based on target audience demographic and wondering if the assumptions behind the guesses are good ones. Whoo hoo! I could not be happier. In fact, I am certain I have to stop here and do a happy feet shuffle...

Why is this important?

From a design and build perspective, it is huge. Each email looks different on each device. User settings on devices can change what the email looks like on the same device. It has always been a challenge to design email for optimum usability on all devices. In fact, it is a challenge that is impossible to conquer. But now it can be managed!

For example:

If the majority of your audience is reading mobile, you want to reduce your use of dark coloured design blocks where you would normally change the links to a lighter colour than the standard blue. Smartphones automatically convert dates, times, locations and phone numbers into links that are standard blue. These links will create unreadable text on a dark background.

If the majority of your audience is reading mobile, the default smartphone settings will stack all your content blocks. You need to be aware of the stacking default order or your content may not make sense or flow for the reader in the mobile version. Images often show up in awkward places in the stack. Use less text wrapping for optimum mobile viewing.

Audiences that are overwhelmingly opening your email on computer make it much easier for you to brand your email and use funky, eye catching design within the email itself. Many design elements disappear when the content blocks convert to a stack.

Now you can tailor your design for your audience. It's as good as a giant scoop of ice cream on top of a cake :)

originally published at, September 13, 2016

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