Colour Palettes for Fall Marketing

An image might be worth a thousand words but it's actually worth more in colours, likely several hundred thousand. No doubt a photo will first catch your eye because of the overall composition, and the foremost colours play a role. Not only do each of us see colours differently, we feel about them differently, too.

We think of autumn colours as vibrant reds, golds and oranges, or muted browns and greens. But they can also be cool shades, like frost on the morning grass or the pale blue sky.

What does your fall marketing campaign look and feel like?

Here are some traditional colour schemes, plus a couple of not so common themes to spice up your fall marketing. All of these images are free to use and can be found at

These are the colours of October and Thanksgiving - bright, warm colours.

For Halloween, add some purple for a sense of the mysterious.

Muted shades, these colours feel outdoorsy and healthy.

This scheme feels serene and comfortable, yet polished, Great colours for a coach.

This last one is my favourite of the bunch. Fall doesn't have to be all about the warm colours.


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