Best Reading of 2015

These are our top picks of the best guest articles from the Work Better, Not Harder newsletter during 2015, not in any particular order.

Essential Elements of Storytelling
Neil Everton, Podium Media and Communications Coaching
The heart of storytelling is the hero-quest: Luke Skywalker and the forces of good battling Darth Vader and the forces of evil (and rescuing the princess). Any compelling story has four essential elements. Read on...

Adding Audio to Your Content
Natasha Marchewka Voiceover Services
Have you considered adding audio to your blog or enewsletter? Adding audio to marketing adds to the multi-media dimension, offering readers more for engagement. Read on...

The Eggnog Challenge
Steve Foran, Gratitude at Work
The Eggnog Challenge put an end to a hotly debated subject in our house... which eggnog is the best. I discovered a treacherous danger in comparison... a danger I've before never considered. Read on...

How to Make a ‘Thank You’ Speech
Halina St James, Podium Media & Communications Coaching
What makes a great ‘thank you’ speech? Once a year we see the best and the worse ‘thank you’ speeches, courtesy of the Oscars. We can learn a lot from these. Here are Podium’s tips to make your 'thank you' speech memorable. Read on...

6 Easy Periscope Live Streaming Ideas for Small Businesses
Anita Kirkbride, Twirp Communications Inc.
Live streaming has hit the social media world big time. At first thought, live streaming for a small business may seem overwhelming but your very curious customers want to see what you’re up to... and now they want to do it live! Read on...

4 Steps = Great Vacation Message
Mary Jane Copps, The Phone Lady
There's nothing like that last day of work before a holiday. The moment just seconds away from freedom is the one in which most of us remember the need to change our voicemail message. Here are a few tips that will make reaching your vacation message a joy. Read on...

Get Control of Your Projects
Brenda Fay, BrenDaniel Productions Corp.
Project management is about getting things done, and it's not just for the big guys. Working smarter to be more effective is everyone's goal, so it's a powerful tool for any business. Read on...

The Show and Tell of Trust
Lea Brovedani, The Trust Architect
Consciously and deliberately building trust is important. Think of it as “show and tell” for grownups but with much bigger consequences than a grade on an elementary school report card. The evaluation you get can affect whether or not people are willing to follow you and how well you succeed. Read on...

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Originally published in Work Better, Not Harder, December 31, 2015

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