Why I use iContact

I’m often asked why I choose to use the iContact bulk email application exclusively. My reason is not that iContact is so great (although it is), but that I have to be great at one thing to really be an expert.

I've tried and used several of the other bulk email applications. I’m capable of figuring out the technical bits and learning how to troubleshoot. I've been courted by potential clients and prodded by current clients to adopt other apps, such as Infusionsoft or AWeber. I've passed on business because I wouldn't do that – not because I couldn't, but because I shouldn't.

While I love to learn and experiment with new apps, I learned early on that when I spread myself too thin:
  • I can’t truly be an expert.
  • My productivity suffers.
When it comes to producing polished campaigns, it takes a lot of mistakes and near misses to truly learn how to troubleshoot, plus tricks to keep trouble from happening. I would wager that I have more experience using the iContact Message Builder than many of their own staff.

PS: For those interested, I think iContact is superior to the other apps I've tried because:
  • I don't code from scratch and iContact's Message Builder offers me lots of flexibility for layout and design. Because I like to create unique designs, this is my #1 reason for using iContact.
  • Multiple lists, campaigns and segments allow us to really manage what goes to who.
  • Integration with social media platforms is more robust than many other email apps.
  • Pricing is competitive with other similar apps. We have an agency account which allows us to offer clients bonuses that usually cost extra.
  • Response time to service requests is fast, and almost always appropriate and useful. By email or phone, the people are friendly.


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