March 27, 2014

Taking Chances Together

There is no chance you can take that isn't a risk. As entrepreneurs, we get used to risk in our lives. It is a risk to start a new venture, a new project, or step out of our comfort zone. Yet, we continue to do it. Why?

Through the struggles, if we pay attention, we learn important lessons. And the rewards can bring unforgettable feel good moments.

Last year, I took one of those chances by taking the Event Chair position to plan Courage, Wisdom, Success: An Evening with Arlene for The Regina Women's Network. It was a huge success and I had many unforgettable feel good moments. Every one of those moments was because of the group of ladies that joined me in the planning and became the CWS 2014 event committee.

I am always talking about collaboration and how it brings out the best in creativity, preaching the power of brainstorming. Our success was a result of all the hours of work we put in at the committee table. All of my joy and memories are also a result of sitting at that committee table. I think that is a direct result of our dynamic group. The experience only reinforced my belief and support of working in collaboration.

Discover the joy of working with a group. Join a mastermind, say yes to the next interesting project that comes your way, or just get out to the next networking event and make an effort to interact when you are there.

originally published in Work Better, Not Harder March 27, 2014

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