Spam is coming off the Menu in Canada

Did you hear the one about the guy who protested the new Canadian anti-spam regulations? He started an email campaign and spammed thousands. No word of lie.

Spamhaus responded via their Block Listing for the fellow’s IP address:
IP is sending spam to scraped email addresses or purchased list. Spam asks recipient to sign petition against Canadian antispam law FISA. Is OK to protest law--even law we at Spamhaus think is good law. Is not OK to spam to protest law, or for any other reason.
Spamhaus is an international non-profit that tracks the Internet's spam sources, provides real time anti-spam protection for Internet networks, works with Law Enforcement Agencies to identify and pursue spam and malware gangs, and lobbies governments for effective anti-spam legislation.

Those of us who are doing legitimate business by email in Canada have no need to be concerned at all about the new regulations. If you have been following email marketing best practices, and using a bulk email service provider, you are most likely already compliant.

The great thing about the new regulations is that it will slowly weed out those who are giving the industry a bad name. Those doing legitimate business will no longer have to compete with those who aren't.

photo by isNoOp


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