To Auto-respond... or Not?

photo by Andrew Pescod

Unless being used for a drip campaign, I typically don't recommend the use of welcome auto-responders at all. Not even for event registrations or other uses of sign-up forms.

The goal is to not send any emails that aren't necessary and aren't what subscribers signed up for.

What I do recommend is using a redirect web page, also called a landing page. You can typically put more types of content on a web page, such as maps, video, files for download, and PayPal buttons. I really do think it's a much better way to deliver important follow-up information. And you don't have to be concerned with delivery issues like a full mailbox or spam filters either. The redirect page will pop right up for them as soon as they click the sign up button.

To see the value in a redirect page, click here, enter your email and hit submit. (You'll also be signing up for our newsletter!)


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